Situation in Israel

There are still many cases of physical domestic abuse in Israel; however, mental, emotional and financial abuse seems to be on the rise; women want to break the cycle of abuse quickly.  Many women try to reach an agreement with their spouse to expedite their freedom, even if it means taking less in a financial settlement.  As a result, Miklat now offers collaborative divorce, a new way for couples to resolve disputes respectfully, without going to court, while working with trained professionals. The heart of collaborative divorce is to offer the support, protection, and guidance of lawyers and therapists without going to court. Additionally, collaborative divorce has the benefit of child therapists, mediators, divorce coaches and other professionals all working together as a team.   

Relationship with Emunah

More than 40% of the referrals originate from Emunah through its Family Counseling Center.   The Jerusalem Beit Din is also aware of the new Miklat Legal services and has started to refer cases to us as well.  Before the Miklat, most clients that needed social or psychological support were handled by welfare agencies. The ones that were not couldn’t afford needed services. The legal services provided by Miklat are free of charge to the client.

Below is a graph of our current case distribution:

About Miklat

Miklat Legal Services began its activities in December 2012.  To date, Miklat has received 38 new referrals, conducted 60 face-to-face consultations,  more than 170 incoming phone consultations and 43 Court/Beit Din sessions.

Below is a graph of our current case load:

Confronting domestic violence in Israel.