Confronting domestic violence in Israel.


R's Journey
January 13, 2014

Miklat’s client, R, is a 32-year-old teacher who had a very difficult miscarriage.  Her husband denied her proper medical care and strictly controlled her finances.  Eventually, they had a baby boy, but when the baby was six months old, R’s husband abandoned her in the middle of winter, leaving her with no money or proper clothing for herself and the baby.  He also left her with months of unpaid utility bills and ultimately, the electricity was shut off.  R struggled to get through the winter and obtain the money to pay her debts and get her electricity turned on.  During this time, her husband moved in with another woman, spending tens of thousands of shekels a month and living a life of luxury.  R suffered a nervous breakdown and was referred to Miklat for assistance.  We are working with her to get full custody of her child as well as alimony from her husband.  We also represent her in rabbinic court, as her husband is demanding she waive her rights under the Ketubah if she wants a divorce.  Simultaneously, she is receiving therapy in the Emunah family treatment center and her mental situation is finally starting to improve. 

Miklat focuses on the legal services that will allow women like R and their children caught in abusive marriages to lead more self-sufficient and happier lives.  The growing role of both the secular and the rabbinic courts in domestic violence cases created a real need for abused Jewish women to obtain experienced and knowledgeable legal guidance.  That’s why, in December 2012, Miklat became a stand-alone, full service legal support center and is the central activity of Miklat.  We have partnered with Emunah Jerusalem, who refers its clients who receive counseling, therapy and other social services, to Miklat for free legal advice and representation in both civil and rabbinic court.  Type your paragraph here.


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