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Miklat – Emunah Legal Department
January 01, 2014

 As a result of a special donation in December 2012 the Miklat-Emunah Legal Department has been added to the ongoing services of the Emunat Rachel Family Counseling Center and the Preminger Therapy Unit.  Adv. Oshrit Broyer-Tepper, Director of the Miklat-Emunah Legal Department started working in January with ten clients.  Today, six months later her case load has grown to over 37 cases.  The free service provides women in need of legal assistance with representation in the family courts and rabbinic courts on all issues related to family law.  It is very much hoped that this service will be extended to all the Emunah Counseling services in Israel.

Following is an example: 

Moriel (not real name) has been married for 24 years and has three daughters.  Her husband has been very abusive, especially on the emotional and mental levels.  As Moriel is employed as an optician she is not eligible to receive assistance from Legal Aid.  Most of her income goes to cover debts incurred by her husband who is chronically unemployed.  She approached the center to clarify her legal options.  After reviewing her legal and mental status, it was decided that legal action would not be in her best interest and Adv. Boyer-Tepper is  working intensively to get the parties to sign an agreement. 


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